Gem Stoned Bitcoin Buttplug Testing & Live Auction April 16th 2021 9pm PST
Auction Bitcoin ButtPlugs Crypto Gem's Journey Live Stream

BitPlug Live Testing and Auction- The Worlds 1st Bitcoin Buttplug


Long story short, Gem Stoned acquired some bitcoin buttplugs & is going to be the first person to receive bitcoin up their butthole then auction one off. If you don’t give a fuck about reading my amazing blog post or watching the BitPlug Unboxing Video & you just wanna sign up for the testing stream & auction click here to go to the signup form at the bottom of the page.

The World’s First Opendime Bitcoin Buttplug.

blah blah blah BITCOIN BUTTPLUGS!!! I could probably leave this at just that but the thing is this story is actually pretty cool and I’m pretty excited to share it, so if your not a reader scroll on down to video and the sign up form.

So a few weeks ago now I was scrolling through twitter and I came upon a post from the founder of Bitcoin Buttplugs, who makes crypto resin art with opendimes, posting his new art piece..The BitPlug. The piece was cool and beautiful and as a crypto freaak it really caught my eye. He was joking about not wanting to test it himself so I joked that I would test them for him and well, you know what, he sent me some.

That’s right SOME he sent me the original I loved so much along with a pretty sparkly custom one that’s the colors of my logo. We got to chatting about future possibilities and I’m actually getting to test all their future toys like their defi-dildo that’s in the works. Yeah you read that right, a defi dildo! I’m super excited to test that one and version 2 of the BitPlug.

So now that my bitplugs are finally here I have to test them out and get some promo images for them. I thought it would be fun to host a bitcoin buy-in live stream and record the first ever bitcoin Buttplug tips. As much as I really love these plugs and don’t want to part with either of these beautiful novelty sex toys, I’d really love to have some fun and give one away. So I’m holding an Auction on April 16th 2021 after the Live Testing Stream Exclusive to Bitcoin HODLERS.

That’s right, on April 16th 2021 we are making history! Be the first the shove your bitcoin up a butthole. Then outbid everyone to become the owner of the First Bitplug ever tipped. HODL your AssSats in a bitcoin buttplug christned by Gem Stoned’s butthole.

Bitplug Unboxing Video.

Join Gem Stoned in Unboxing her gifts from The Bitcoin Buttplug. Get a first look at the first ever Bitplugs made with Gem while she excitedly unboxes her Opendime Buttplugs !

Bitplug Live Testing & Auction

Gem Stoned Bitplug Testing & Live Auction
Gem Stoned Bitplug Testing & Live Auction

Let’s make history! $69 buy in to gain access to the exclusive Live Stream to test the BitPlugs & get some promo footage. Stream will start off with a race to the first where everyone will send the first tip at the same time. The first TX hash to come through wins a special exclusive BitPlug Photo Set & Video. After the race to the first we will smoke a bowl while we take some photos & video directed by YOU. Once we’ve gotten all the footage we will move on to the auction where the winner receives the original BitPlug WITH ASS SATS ON IT, plus exclusive extras. All participants receive a recording of the stream and an exclusive thank you gift.

Make History with Gem Stoned

Let’s Make History! Be among the first to tip the worlds first Bitcoin Buttplug during it’s initial live testing!

Viewing access granted exclusively to those who buy in to view followed by a live auction to win one of the tested bitplug prototypes & exclusive extras.

April 16th 9pm PST/12am EST.

Live stream access will be sent via email to all those who sign up and buy in to view. For more information fill out the form below. Bitcoin buyin address will be sent to serious inquiries only

Bitcoin Buttplug Testing & Live Auction Sign Up Form

BitPlug Live Testing & Auction
Don't worry your secret's safe with me. I just need to know how you'd like me to address you.
Buy in address, Live Testing & Auction info will be sent here.
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Gem Stoned Bitplug Testing & Live Auction April 16th 2021 9pm PST
Gem Stoned Bitplug Testing & Live Auction April 16th 2021 9pm PST

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  2. […] Clip creator Gem Stoned has announced that she will be testing out the brand new TheBitcoinButtPlug in a special live auction event on April 16, 2021. After unboxing the new plugs on YouTube, Gem announced that she would be doing a special live stream to test the toys for her audience. $69 gets you a ticket to the live stream, where there will be a race to be the first transaction to make Gem’s butt plug buzz, and the event will wrap up with a live auction for Gem’s used plug! For more information, visit Gem Stoned’s website. […]

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