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Please use this form to book Gem Stoned for content. Please be advised that at this time due to COVID-19 Gem Stoned is only open to solo remote bookings self-shot at home. No exceptions will be made. All other bookings will resume once a vaccine is found and the pandemic is under control.

To view the type of Content Gem Shoots check out her portfolio.

To book for Feature Dancing, Appearances and Signings please use the other form provided below. All other inquiries can be submitted via the general inquiries contact form on our social hub

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Let Gem Stoned know all about your booking opportunity here with as mush detail as possible. She will get back to you and let you know if it is a good fit or not.

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Please use this form to submit offers for booking Gem Stoned for Feature Dancing, Appearances, and Signings. Please be as detailed with your booking opportunity as possible including a description of what the event is, responsibilities involved, pay rate, dates, times locations, hours worked, travel, lodging etc.

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