Gem Stoned's Dirty Coloring Book Giveaway!
Gem's Journey Giveaway!

Gem Stoned’s Dirty Coloring Book Giveaway!

Gem Stoned’s Dirty Coloring Book Giveaway is here and it’s sponsored by Quick&DirtyMedia! To celebrate the release of Gem Stoned’s new dirty adult coloring book she is hosting an awesome xxx coloring book giveaway on Twitter sponsored by Quick & Dirty Media! Keep reading to find out how to enter to win! Five lucky winners …

Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central!
Feature Friday Gem's Journey

Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central!

The beautiful & multi-talented Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central as an established self-publishing Author & Illustrator! Our Feature Friday post this week is a bit different from the norm as we are featuring her coloring book & her debut to the world of self-publishing. About a year ago Gem was inspired by …

GemStoned-Blog-Gemuine GemStoned's Journey
Gem's Journey

Gemuine Gem Stoned’s Amazing Awe-inspiring Journey 2020 Update

Gem’s Journey The only impossible journey is the one you never begin, and what an amazing journey this has been. If you were to tell me three years ago, that today I would be a recovering alcoholic, successfully running my own business as a multi-nominated sex worker, I would have spit my shot out at …

Gem Stoned-How I got into camming
Sensual Schooling Gem's Journey

How I got into Camming- A Promiscuous Profitable Adventure

How I got into Camming A lot of people ask me how I got into camming, well, I discovered camming at 18 when I was in college. I had really wanted to dive into it at that time with my then-boyfriend who I frequently enjoyed watching porn and exploring my sexuality with, as he was …

Feature Friday Tayler Texas
Feature Friday Sensual Schooling

What is WAM? -Surprising Sexy Fun with Tayler Texas – Feature Friday 2020

What is WAM? What is WAM? WAM is the acronym for Wet and Messy, which is a fetish for gettting messy and having fun with non bodily substances. Howdy, y’all! My name is Tayler Texas! I’m a 20-something-year-old content creator and cam model who loves WAM. I’ve been doing this since 2012 and wholeheartedly love …

Princess Kira
Feature Friday Sensual Schooling

Remarkable Promiscuous Princess Kira – Feature Friday 2020

Fetish Prejudice by Princess Kira Happy Friday! I’m super excited to be the very first model featured on Gem’s blog and I cannot wait for y’all to dive into what I have to share with you today. Before I get into it, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about me! I’m Princess …

Gem Stoned Squirtong with BIG Dildo
Sensual Schooling

What is a squirter? Sexy Seductive Squirters 2020

What is a squirter? What is a squirter you ask? So you wanna know what a squirter is huh? Well, a squirter is a woman, or any other person with a vagina, who has mastered the mystical art of female ejaculation and is capable of having gloriously intense, explosive squirting orgasms for everyone’s enjoyment, but …

Gem Stoned-How I got into Amateur Porn
Gem's Journey

How I got into Amateur Porn-A Profound Promiscuous Path 2020

How I got into Amateur Porn People often ask me how I got into Amateur Porn. As someone who has always enjoyed photography, videography and acting my heart sung with joy to discover that I could use my talents and experience in these areas to take camming a step further and create amateur porn videos, …

Gemuine Gem Stoned-What is a nympho
Sensual Schooling

What is a nympho? The number 1 Powerful Promiscuous Playmate

What is a nympho? what is a nympho you ask? A nympho, short for nymphomaniac, is a woman with excessive, obsessive, insatiable sexual desires who can be classified by psychologists as an individual with hypersexuality. Now it is true that anybody can be diagnosed with hypersexuality, more commonly known as sex addiction, but nymphos are …