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What is WAM? -Surprising Sexy Fun with Tayler Texas – Feature Friday 2020

What is WAM?

What is WAM? WAM is the acronym for Wet and Messy, which is a fetish for gettting messy and having fun with non bodily substances. Howdy, y’all! My name is Tayler Texas! I’m a 20-something-year-old content creator and cam model who loves WAM. I’ve been doing this since 2012 and wholeheartedly love it! I pride myself on being open-minded (in everyday life, as well as in my sexual life) and that has opened up new worlds for me!

Before I get more into that, I want to say thank you to Gem Stoned for featuring me on her site! I was lucky enough to finally get to hug Gem in person at AVN 2020 and I am so grateful to have her as both a colleague and a friend!

Tayler Texas and Gem Stoned AVN Red Carpet 2020 via MFC SHARE

In late 2013, I met and began dating my now-husband (@realnateyork on Twitter). Although I was already an adult content creator, I was still learning a lot about sex, turn-ons, fetishes, and more. Having a partner open to exploring those things with me was/is beneficial and eye-opening. Not long after we began our romantic and sexual partnership, he introduced me to my FAVORITE fetish ever – WAM.

As mentioned above, WAM stands for wet and messy. How one enjoys getting wet and messy is totally up to the individual; if you can dream it, you can do it! The fun and creative options to enjoy yourself when it comes to WAM are limitless! I’ve once made my partner bathe in a bathtub of beans, enjoyed quite a few girl on girl messy paint scenes, and have had colored slime poured all over me on my bathroom floor.

My absolute favorite substances to play and experiment with are sweet dessert substances. One of my most memorable scenes (available to purchase) was when I got to be turned into a human ice cream sundae using a variety of substances like ice cream (DUH), sprinkles, multiple syrups and candies, and more (BONUS – I was also tied to a chair with rope while this was occurring *drools*).

If WAM is something you’ve never tried but would like to, start with something simple and decide if you like it! You could take some fruit outside and squish it with your bare feet, feeling the juices and fruit skin caress in between your toes and run over the top of your feet!

You could also try putting a small mountain of whipped cream onto a disposable plate and “pie” yourself in the face with it! Again, THE OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS!!! Once you’ve tried something smaller and are ready to get a little more daring, DO IT! 

My ultimate WAM fantasy is to play chest-deep in a pool full of tapioca pearls! I think the small, squishy balls would feel so good against my nude body, and I really think it’d be fun to squish them under my feet and between my fingers!!! I’d also really love to dunk myself in a small tank full of multi-colored glitter/paint and then jump out for a nude photoshoot in the woods! It sounds so ethereal! 

  WAM is definitely not something I had ever even considered trying until I was introduced to it, but I am so glad that I did! I highly recommend you try it, too! In case you do decide to give it a shot, I want to recommend my favorite slime product (I do not make money from this): https://www.monstermakers.com/methylcellulose-powder/ ; just follow the included instructions to turn this powder into clear slime and then mix with body-safe/washable paint to turn it into whatever color you desire! You can see my personal results of doing so in a few of my WAM XXX videos (available on my linked platforms).

One more big thank you to Gem for featuring me on her incredible self-built site! She’s an amazing member of our industry and it’s so kind of her to share her own space with others!

Socials: Twitter @TaylerTexasPorn (NSFW) & @TaylerTexasVids (SFW)Snapchat (FREE): misstaylertexasAll site platforms + more : itsmyurls.com/misstaylertexasEmail inquiries: misstaylertexas@gmail.com

Feature Friday - Tayler Texas - What is WAM?

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