Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central!
Feature Friday Gem's Journey

Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central!

The beautiful & multi-talented Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central as an established self-publishing Author & Illustrator! Our Feature Friday post this week is a bit different from the norm as we are featuring her coloring book & her debut to the world of self-publishing. About a year ago Gem was inspired by another artist who was making coloring pages & decided to commission them to make her a custom coloring & activity book. After months of planning & figuring out self-publishing details like margins, mockups, & illustrations amount other things through trial & error, Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central as an established Author & Illustrator

Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central!

Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central

Gem Stoned is pleased to add established Author, Illustrator & Self Publisher to her ever growing resume. This list of skill sets is one that isn’t quite as she envisioned growing up as illustration & self publishing were never among her dreams for becoming a Best Selling New York Times Author but discivering KPD made it so easy that Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central.

She may be a procrastinator but being an underachiever is not something Gem Stoned is use to so it’s no surprise that when she finally pursued writing she pursued illustration & self publishing as well. Although she hasn’t quite reached her goal of the coveted title of New York Times Best Selling Author YET, she plans to in the near future with her memoir series, My Not So Fairy Tale Life releasing in August.

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Dirty Puzzle & C.O.H.F. Coloring Books

So how did self-publishing dirty adult coloring books become a thing then? Dirty Puzzle & Cum On Her Face Coloring Books came to be after Gem was inspired by an artist creating coloring pages. It was such a fun concept that she wanted a whole book of naughty fun images of herself for her fans & her to color. It turned out to be a bigger project than originally expected but has been super fun every step of the way from brainstorming, to learning illustration & publishing to seeing the official Author profile on Amazon under the listing & ordering physical copies.

Initially she had planned to only use the pages she commissioned from Erin in her book but in the process of coloring the images for the cover, Gem discovered she was capable of creating illustrations herself. This exciting discovery lead to Gem creating her own pages for the book along with a separate book called Fucking Inspirational.

Gem-Stoned-Adult-Coloring- Book-Porn-Hub

Commissioning the pages

Gem has always been a big fan of coloring so when she saw the opportunity to turn herself into a naughty fun coloring book her fans could enjoy she couldn’t help herself. Gem sent Erin her favorite images to recreate & use as inspiration for the coloring pages, like this one of her in a Pornhub shirt smoking weed with wild horses in the background. Originally she was just going to share the book as a digital download but then she discovered kindle direct publishing & decided to go that route instead after learning it was able to be printed & sold on Amazon.

Gem-Stoned-Adult-Coloring- Book-Activity-Page

The Activity Pages

As a big lover of coloring books, she always remembered the ones with the activity pages throughout it to be more fun than the ones without so she made sure to commission activity pages along with the coloring pages for the book. Among those activities, pages are color by number, connect the dots & a maze. Future activity pages such as word searches, spot the difference & crossword puzzles are currently being worked on right now for Dirty Puzzle Volume 2 which releases in late July.

Gem-Stoned-Adult-Coloring- Book-Weed-Lollipop

Designing the Covers

Designing the Cover was Gem’s favorite part of the process as it led to her discovering she was capable of creating coloring pages herself after discovering the PENUP App on her phone & using them to color the pages digitally. She wanted to color the pages herself but didn’t want to loose quality printing the pages then scanning the finished images so finding a tool to allow her to color & draw on her phone was a game changer.

Gem-Stoned-Adult-Coloring- Book-Jenga-Booty

Discovering Hidden Talents

As mentioned above Gem Discovered she could create her own coloring pages while using PENUP to color in the pages she had commissioned. This lead to her going on to make several of her own pages to color like this one of her playing Jenga for her Onlyfans. In the process of creating her own pages she discovered she really enjoyed digital & graphic arts. She decided to brainstorm ideas for other fun coloring and activity books & has started working on a release schedule for them.

Gem-Stoned-Adult-Coloring- Book-Keliedescope-Boobs

Free XXX coloring Pages

Dirty Puzzle: Gem Stoned’s Dirty Adult Coloring and Activity Book by Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central! To celebrate the launch Gem Stoned is giving out Free coloring pages for a contest and hosting a Twitter Giveaway sponsored by Quick & Dirty Media. Click Here for more information on how to get a free coloring book & extra exclusive pages.

Fucking Inspirational

Gem’s Next Coloring Book Release is an inspirational quote book with personal growth journal prompts, called Fucking Inspirational. It will be available for purchase next Friday.

Gem-Stoned-Adult-Coloring- Book-Fucking-Inspirational

Although she had past dreams of being an Author, Gem never really saw her self as a publisher or coloring book illustrator but she is really proud of her first books along with how the process has pushed her to move forward with finally publishing her Memoir Series, My Not So Fairy Tale Life which details Gem’s far from fairy tale life adventures. The series will have 6 books with its first book in the series available in late August. Be sure to follow Gem’s Author Profile to be updated of new book releases as Gem Stoned is now on Amazon Author Central

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