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Gem's Journey

Gemuine Gem Stoned’s Amazing Awe-inspiring Journey 2020 Update

Gem’s Journey

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin, and what an amazing journey this has been. If you were to tell me three years ago, that today I would be a recovering alcoholic, successfully running my own business as a multi-nominated sex worker, I would have spit my shot out at you and punched you in the face. I also would have called you a liar, then made you buy me a new shot.

Because back then, even though I have always been a sparkly stoney squirting slut whose dream was to be here doing this, I didn’t believe in my self or my dreams. So instead of following them I was endlessly searching for answers along with perhaps, a little bit of hope, at the bottom of liquor bottles while sucking dick & squirting. To read more on two of my all-time favorite things sucking dick & squirting check out these blog posts SQUIRTING 101BLOWJOBS 101. For more on my journey on sex work keep reading.

If you’re not familiar with Chaturbate, it’s an adult-rated live streaming platform where talent can sign up to be age verified and then perform live shows, usually sexual, for money. I wrote a blog on it here, but for now let’s get back to the story on how I started sexwork with Chaturbate. I logged in feeling extremely nervous but the nerves quickly disappeared once all the tips and compliments started rolling in.

I was definitely not expecting the results nor the amount of support I had received but it really motivated me to try it again. When I received more positive results it motivated me even more, which ultimately lead me to make the decision to stick with it.


Almost three years and several award nominations later, although I may have moved on from consisntent live shows on Chaturbate and am now focused more on content creation than live streams, I have finally found a job and an industry that loves and accepts me for who I am just as much as I love and accept the industry and the individuals I have met, for what it is and who they are.

As a nympho, I have always been a tad promiscuous (okay VERY promiscuous) so to finally find a place that accepted, understood, and appreciated this part of me was such a catalystic blessing. Something about FINALLY being seen, heard, LOVED, and accepted for exactly who I am and where I was in life was so profound that it triggered an intense, immense and immediate need for healing in all aspects of my very chaotic and traumatic life experiences.

Because at that point, I was lost, oh so very very lost, yet soon to be found thanks to XBIZ Miami and the wonderful amazing souls I met there. This trip and the encounters I had with the beautiful people, both inside and out, really changed my life and my mindset it helped me to really figure out my direction in life along with how to take my passions and turn them into beautiful products that provided something for others without harming myself. I learned a lot about boundaries, consent, mindset, and willpower that I had never really known or felt comfortable enforcing before.

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