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How I got into Camming- A Promiscuous Profitable Adventure

How I got into Camming

A lot of people ask me how I got into camming, well, I discovered camming at 18 when I was in college. I had really wanted to dive into it at that time with my then-boyfriend who I frequently enjoyed watching porn and exploring my sexuality with, as he was just as kinky as I was, if not more.

To my disappointment though, when I approached him with the proposition of creating an anonymous account together with me being the star and him being my manager he quickly shot the idea down and made me feel bad about being such a dirty slut, quickly shattering my heart and my dream to be the next Riley Reid who, at the time, was someone I was inspired by and aspired to be like.

It took me a few years to get over the heartbreak but eventually, I left my shattered dreams and heart behind and moved on with my life, finding a new boyfriend and a new passion, bartending and consuming copious amount of alcohol. I followed that passion for a while until I was single again and I stumbled back upon chaturbate one drunken night looking for porn. Instantly I remembered how much I had wanted to be a camgirl and pornstar. I had no one around to talk me out of pursuing my dreams this time and decided to take the plunge.

I did some research and made an account. Once it was approved I logged in feeling extremely nervous but the nerves quickly disappeared once all the tips and compliments started rolling in. I was definitely not expecting the results nor the amount of support I had received but it really motivated me to try it again. I signed in the next night and received more positive results which then motivated me even more, and ultimately lead me to make the decision to stick with it and started my journey into the adult industry. For more on that story you can click here.

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