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Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Contest – Final Top 10!

Gem Stoned is entered in the Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Contest and needs your help! She is currently in the top 10 and inching closer to the top 5 with every vote! The first round of votes runs until June 4th 2020. Voting is FREE with the one free vote daily and the option to purchase additional votes to raise funds for Maxim’s ‘Homes for Wounded Warriors’ Project. According to Maxim’s Contest Information Page “Homes for Wounded Warrior’s mission is to raise money to build and remodel handicap accessible homes to suit the individual needs of injured veterans. All JAH4WW board members are non-paid volunteers who believe wholeheartedly in doing what is right for our military veterans”

‘Homes for Wounded Warriors is Helping Veterans’

Gem hopes that she can help and give back to veterans in need and help veterans just like Maxim and Homes For Wounded Warriors are. In addition to offering one free photo to anyone who sends her proof that they voted for her in the contest, Gem is sending full EXLCUSIVE photosets and videos to anyone who purchases Warrior Votes. The Photosets and videos vary depending on how many warrior votes are purchased but the more you donate to the Homes for Wounded Warriors project through contest votes the more Gem Stoned will Spoil you with exclusive content.

I’m both excited and nervous to enter the Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Contest, it’s such a big contest and so highly competitive but the reward is big and i get to donate to a great cause at the same time so it will be a win no matter what.

Gem Stoned

Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Contest|We made the final top 10!

Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Contest-Gem Stoned

Thank you for all your help and continued daily votes! We now need to make it to the top 5, preferably top 2 by Thursday, June 25th. Gem Stoned really needs your help to vote FREE every day! All donations made to Homes for Wounded Warriors will be matched with a donation from Gem and content will be given to the donors as a thank you. We really want to win the Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Contest.

Wow I’m so grateful to have gotten this far in such a well known and highly competitive contest. My fans have been super supportive in this endeavor and I couldn’t thank them enough for all they continue to do for me.

Gem Stoned

8th place

Well it was fun and exciting while it lasted but we sadly did not make the cut for the top 5 in the Maxim Cover Girl Contest. The competition was tough but we managed to stay within the top 10 for the ENTIRE CONTEST, placing 8th over all.

This was such a fun contest, I’m so glad I got over my anxiety about it and just entered anyway. I’m so grateful for all my fans voting for me daily and cheering me on. I had such a blast chatting and catching up with those who were voting every day.

Gem Stoned

Gem had high hopes for winning the contest and being on the cover so she has mixed feelings about not winning but is overall grateful for the experience. She had fun with her fans during the whole contest and is grateful for the new bonds formed. She is really looking forward to the next opportunity to be the winner of the next Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Contest. She hopes whoever wins has an amazing experience and will be rotting them on and following their journey through the Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Contest Updates Page.

We may not have won the cover but my fans for sure have won my heart.

Thank you to everyone who was out there voting for me every day, posting about it and having their friends vote too. Your support means so much to me and is the reason why I continue to do the things I do.

Gem Stoned
Maxim Cover Girl Contest Gem Stoned 8th Place

I’m really looking forward to the next Maxim Magazine Cover Girl Contest, I really feel like we could win next time now that I will know ahead of time when it is starting.

Gem Stoned

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