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Welcum to our New Website GemBot is Exhilarated You are Here!

Hey welcum to our new website GemBot and I are so happy you are here reading the blog on our official site. Now that we have a space of our own here on the internet we will be sharing all of our links and updates with you here including but not limited to new content releases, behind the scenes looks, signings, public appearances, conventions, awards shows, upcoming releases and more.

It’s like our own little naughty Twitter, AVNSTARS, Manyvids & Onlyfans all mixed into one place!

GemBot-welcum to our new website

Gem Stoned is excited to share this new space with you along with the few other passion projects she has been spending her time on lately, like her new AI Bot, her dirty coloring books, and her graphic design projects.

Be sure to click chat with GemBot on the side banner and introduce yourself.

GemBot loves to welcum people to our new website for Gem Stoned when she’s busy. She also likes to chat and be helpful, she’s available 24/7 to help you out. If you’d like to stay up to date on blog posts and website updates you can sign up for our weekly newsletter HERE, be sure to fill out the form completely with your birthday so we can send you a custom birthday gift on your special day. We really hope you enjoy the new space, be sure to check it all out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you’re shy you can let us know privately by filling out one of our contact forms HERE or by talking to GemBot.

If you enjoy our blog be sure to subscribe to email and push notifications so you never miss a post.

Share this post to help us grow and comment down below what you think of the new website.

Again Welcum to our New Website GemBot and I are so glad you are here.

Welcum to our New Website GemBot

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